Tfx3000p is a kind of thin film thickness measurement equipment used in 12 inch LSI front-end production line. The product has been successfully sold to many famous IC manufacturers at home and abroad. This series of equipment has the characteristics of high precision, high production capacity and high cost performance. The equipment is stable and reliable, and its performance is equivalent to that of foreign similar equipment, and even some of them are in the lead.

Main features of the equipment:

·Low cost of holding (COO), good stability and high capacity

·Applied to 12 inch IC front end production line

·Application scope: measurement of thickness and optical constant of transparent or translucent dielectric film, semiconductor material film, metal silicide film, etc

·Powerful and reliable image recognition function, rich function and easy-to-use software and algorithm

·High speed motion platform and advanced motion control algorithm make the equipment have high output capacity

·Fully support factory automation requirements