FSD150s is a fully automatic optical inspection equipment (AOI) developed and produced by Ruili Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. specifically for the appearance defect inspection of LED substrate polished wafers. It is suitable for surface defect detection of sapphire substrate wafers (polished wafers). For LED substrate manufacturers to fully control the quality of product shipments and improve yield in the production process.

Main features of FSD150s system:


· Low cost of ownership, high stability and high reliability design

· Universal for 4” and 6” wafers

· Suitable for substrate polishing wafer inspection

· Self-developed scratch enhancement algorithm (EASI © RSIC)

· Simultaneous detection of micro and macro defects

· Full surface inspection, automatic defect classification, automatic storage of defect images

· High-resolution defect review function

· Automatic sorting based on test results to improve production efficiency

· Provide effective means for managing process drift and provide data for yield management

· Support factory automatic data transmission