FSD200µ--Auto macro defects detection system

Originally developed in Japan by WINS Co. Ltd., now enhanced by RMEC with higher sensitivity, higher throughput, wider applications and richer features, FSD200u Automatic Macro Defect Inspection Tool aims to deliver to our customers with high performance-to-cost ratio.


System Descriptions   



Low cost of ownership

High stability and high reliability

Very small foot print at 1.3x0.9 m2  

Bare, filmed & patterned wafer capabilities

Wafer back side inspection (optional)

Sensitivity down to 3 um particle size (PSL)

85 WPH throughput (standard mode)

100% surface scan

GEM/SECS support  


Wide Applications 

Front-end FAB :  OQC/CMP/IQC/ADI/AEI/Film

Back-end Packaging :  Probing/Bumping/TSV

Others :  LED/Solar


Engineering Cost Saving 

Auto recipe creation  

Recipe setup within 10 minutes  

Simple tuning to optimize the detection parameters   


Reducing Time to Decision in Production  

Defect binning capability to tighten SPC  On-the-fly inspection patch images for the first line review  

Global scan image capture for wafer level process control  

Early excursion alarming to correct out-spec variation and processing failure  

Output industry standard format to integrate yield management  

FSD200u Specifications 

Imaging TechIllumination SourceWhite Light LED

Imaging SystemDark Field

Monochrome Line Scan

PerformanceSingle Pixel Size14um

SensitivityDown to 3um particle (PSL)

Capture Rate> 95% @10um PSL (unpatterned)

> 95% @10um RSW (patterned)

False Rate< 5%

Repeatability> 95%

Throughput85 WPH

FeatureInspection ModesFront side inspection – standard

Back side inspection  – optional

Inspection AlgorithmsMultiple and Proprietary (unpatterned and patterned)

DetectionLocal and Global Defects

ClassificationReal Time and Automatic

Result OutputFSD Format with Optional KLARF-Compatible Support

Image OutputPatch and Whole Wafer Images

Fab AutomationGEM/SECS Support

Recipe Setup TimeWithin 10 min

ReliabilityUp Time> 95%

MTBF> 1000 hours

MTTR< 4 hours

MTBA> 72 hours

MTTA< 4 hours

Wafer Breakage< 1/100000 Wafers

SystemWafer Size200, 150, 100 mm

Loadport ConfigurationOpen Cassette/SMIF

Footprint1.3 x 0.9 m2

Power SupplyAC Single-phase 100V 50/60Hz, 15A.

CDAPressure: 0.5 to 0.8 MPa

Flow Rate: 200 l/min and 5 kgf/cm2

Diameter: Φ8mm * 1

VacuumPressure: -60 to -80 KPa

Flow Rate: 0.34 sm3/h

Diameter:  Φ6mm * 1