FSD100e--Auto optical inspection equipment

FSD100e is RMEC’s Automatic Optical Inspection tool (AOI) designed specifically for LED market. It can inspect sapphire substrate, PSS, epi and chip wafers. It has high resolution, high throughput, high reliability and high performance to price ratio. It also can automatically sort based on inspection results. It not only can drastically improve productivity and yields for LED production line, but also provides important data for yield management.


FSD100e System Highlights

·     Low CoO, high reliability

·      2” and 4” substrate compatible

·      Particularly suitable for PSS wafer inspection

·     Simultaneous micro and macro inspection

·     Full surface inspection, auto-classification and auto defect image storage

·     High-magnification review microscope

·     Auto-sorting

·     Provides data for excursion-management and yield-management

·      Supports auto data transfer