Gallium Liquid Metal Ion Source

Gallium Liquid Metal Ion Sources (LMIS) designed and manufactured by RSIC are used in FIB (Focused Ion Beam) equipments widely used in science and industries such as materials, life sciences and in particular semiconductor industries.



A LMIS consists of a blunt field emitter substrate coated with a liquid metal, which produces a stream of metal ions due to field evaporation and ionization under an sufficient high electric field. A reservoir of liquid metal built onto the LMIS produces a steady supply of the ions with substantial lifetime.


Gallium LMIS produced by RSIC is developed with RSIC's proprietary processing equipment and technologies, and manufactured under the most stringent quality check criteria and production environment. It has the following advantages:

Long lifetime:>1500 hours

Highly stable and reliable

Unmatched cost performance

Fully compatible (drop-in replacement) with major FIB equipments on the market

Strong customer support team

Custom configuration possible


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