Raintree scientific instrument obtained financing of over 120 million yuan

Recently, Raintree scientific instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Raintree') announced that it has obtained more than 120 million yuan of financing, with investors including Pudong Science and technology innovation group, Shanghai tongqi, Haifeng investment and other institutional investors. The financing funds will be used for R & D investment of iterative products and replenishment of liquidity needs.

Since its establishment in 2005, Raintree has been committed to research, development, production and sales of process inspection equipment in the IC manufacturing process equipment industry with independent intellectual property rights. After years of development, Raintree has grown into a leading domestic technology supplier of integrated circuit process testing equipment, and has applied for more than 130 patents at home and abroad, including 63 authorized invention patents and more than 30 software copyright registrations. The optical thin film measuring equipment independently developed and designed by the company for the front production process of integrated circuit has been purchased and put into use by many well-known 300 mm chip manufacturers at home and abroad. It is the only Chinese equipment used in a global leading three-dimensional flash production line. After the first batch of Raintree's optical film measuring equipment was purchased in 2015, the international customer purchased two additional Raintree's equipment in 2018, which fully reflected the recognition of important customers for Raintree's product technology and service, and also gave Raintree people the confidence to adhere to and adhere to. The financing was completed with the help of leading domestic equipment enterprises, well-known entrepreneurs and investors in the industry, enabling Raintree to overcome the difficulties in the growth process and return to the track of rapid development.

At present, under the guidance of the national strategy, with the change of the general environment of the integrated circuit industry, Raintree, who shoulders the mission of localization of high-end integrated circuit process testing equipment, will take this financing as an opportunity to further absorb and cultivate talents, and at the same time of rapid recovery, continue to enrich product functions and enhance product competitiveness by increasing R & D efforts, and in production and research Development and market development and management, etc. are looking for cooperation with well-known domestic equipment leading enterprises to achieve coordinated development effect. It can be predicted that in the near future, a new scientific and technological star will rise in China's integrated circuit high-end equipment industry.