RSIC Autumn Team Building Activities


The autumn wind rises and the white clouds fly, and the plants and trees fall yellow. In order to relax the body and mind, ease the stress of work, and enhance the team cohesion, on November 22 and 23, Reed Science organized all employees to carry out a two-day and one-night team building activity in the Nanbei Lake Scenic Area in Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

On November 22, after more than two hours' drive, after lunch to replenish energy, everyone started a rich and interesting group building activity. The first is that the team breaks the ice. Everyone greets and hugs each other, deepening each other's understanding and understanding. Afterwards, everyone was divided into 4 teams, and their respective team names, team logos and slogans were formulated. Through a reasonable division of labor, everyone was encouraged to work hard and gather strength. 'Shenlong takes water', 'wheelbarrow', 'water comes into being', 'Thunder Drumming', 'breathing power' and other projects. Everyone cooperates and works together, which reflects the spirit of inspiring people to fight hard and strive for the first, and let everyone feel The importance of solidarity and cooperation.

Shanmingshui came frost at night, and the trees were deep red and light yellow. On the morning of November 23, after enjoying a rich breakfast, everyone visited the Nanbei Lake Scenic Area together. The mountains have layers and the water has twists and turns, and the north and south lakes in the late autumn are particularly peaceful. Baiyun Pavilion, Tanxian Stone City, Bailuzhou, Butterfly Island, there are islands in the lake, there are lakes in the island, the promenade water pavilion, the scenery is intoxicating everywhere.

During the two-day and one-night team building activity, everyone actively participated in the indulgence of the mountains and rivers, while relaxing the body and mind, enhancing the cohesion of the team, promoting communication and collaboration between colleagues, and laying a good foundation for coordination and cooperation in the future work. I believe that in the future work, Ruili people will devote more full of work enthusiasm to new work and contribute their own strength to the flourishing development of Ruili.