Rui Li shipped the first 300mm optical film measurement equipment in 2020

On February 28, 2020, the optical thin film measurement equipment TFX3000P for the integrated circuit chip production line independently developed and produced by Ruili was packed again and shipped out of the factory. This is the first shipment after the completion of financing in October 2019, marking a new chapter in the development of Reed.



TFX3000P is an optical film measurement equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights launched by Ruili Scientific Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. based on the development path of the international integrated circuit process detection equipment industry. Its performance indicators have reached the level of similar equipment of international manufacturers. It is mainly used on 300mm production lines both at home and abroad. This time it was purchased by another leading 300mm chip manufacturer in China, marking that Ruili has taken an important step on the road to the localization of high-end integrated circuit process testing equipment.

With the continuous progress of integrated circuit production technology and changes in the general industrial environment, Ruili will continue to increase R & D efforts, further enrich product functions, enhance product competitiveness, and provide international and domestic customers with the best optical film measurement equipment.